DogsBestFriend™ Topical Lotion 4 oz


·    Natural, soothing, cooling and moisturizing rapid relief lotion  suitable for a wide range of canine skin conditions including eczema  (hot spots), dry itchy skin, insect bites, allergic rashes, paw chewing,  minor wounds and burns.

·   First-line replacement for hydrocortisone and topical antibiotics in  one, patent-pending formulation powerful enough to help combat dermal  inflammation, itching, and pain as well as fungal and bacterial  infections, yet safe enough to use on dogs of all ages.

· Our patent-pending, supercritical fluid extraction process allows for exacting standardization of the Nigella sativa  seed extract with respect to omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and thymoquinone  content resulting in a potent moisturizing and soothing, hypoallergenic  oil.

·  The natural aroma of the Nigella sativa extract in DogsBestFriend™ repels insects .

·   Ingredients are safe if ingested.