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Brookton Labs is the pet product division of Bio Nexus® Ltd. Bio Nexus® develops nutritional supplements based on a product development model similar to that used by the pharmaceutical industry — but with a focus on natural ingredients. Their proprietary process applies the most recent scientific methodologies to address the management of such inflammation-based chronic illnesses as eczema, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity and irritable bowel syndrome in humans and animals. With 117 peer-reviewed, scientific publications and 41 US patents, Drs. Linda M. Pacioretty and John G. Babish of Bio Nexus® have established a reputation of strong scientific knowledge and integrity in the pharmaceutical as well as the nutritional supplement communities. Bio Nexus® rapidly commercializes its phytochemical discoveries as dietary supplements, medical foods, and nutraceuticals with the potential of developing prescription drugs from the most bioactive candidates. The company's first marketed product, NutriVir™, was introduced in January 1998 followed by NutriVir-NSA in 2001. From 2002 through 2008, other products developed through Bio Nexus® contract research included Kaprex®, Kaprex® AI, MetalloClear, UltraInflamX®Plus 360°, Insinase™ and UltraGlycemX® 360°.

In 2012 the Company introduced their first product into the pet market for moist eczema (hot spots) utilizing their patent-pending, nontoxic extraction processing of Nigella sativa seed. This is the first product marketed from the Nigella sativa seed that are standardized for thymoquinone content, recognized as the most active of the phytochemicals from Nigella sativa seeds.